Sarah Cowgill

Sarah Cowgill specializes in political writing as is a former speech-writer for U.S. Senators, Congressmen, and even a U.S. Vice President.

Princeton Day School, the prestigious Ivy League prep school in New Jersey, has produced yet another well-deserving academia whiz-kid.  Meet Ziad Ahmed, the eighteen-year old virtuoso who painstakingly penned #BlackLivesMatter one hundred times on his Stanford application. And was accepted.

“My unapologetic progressivism is a central part of my identity, and I wanted that to be represented adequately in my application,” Ahmed said.

Oh, it was adequate, dear Ziad.  Mic has published a gushing complimentary article right here for additional scholarly news.  Just think of the time save, oh studious ones, if you just put down the books and pick up a protest sign and be like Ziad.