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The Cry from the Left: Trump Delenda Est

How to explain this seeming departure from the normal American pattern of accepting the electoral facts, and then continuing the fight in the various constitutional and other forums the system provides? Why is it so different this time? Why are presidential tax returns more important than an eyeball to eyeball confrontation in Northeast Asia? Why must we place the travel and residential preferences of non-US citizens over the security of Americans? Why must non-leftists be barred from the Supreme Court?

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Why Is America So Fascinated With Jared Kushner?

With his boyish good looks, fat wallet, and the hottest chick in America on his arm, Jared Kushner is emerging as the boy-wonder in the Trump administration. From his cushy west wing office (a very short walk from the Oval Office), the all-access pass to meetings with foreign leaders and the ability to jettison off to the middle east for a boots on the ground scoop from the troops, young Mr. Kushner is garnering attention from the left, right and all points in between. And it appears that his presence, so prominent in Trumpville, is irritating absolutely everyone who have had the unfortunate fate of crossing his path.

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Marches Across The Nation Demand Trump Release His Tax Returns

President Donald Trump was the first major party nominee in over forty years to keep his personal tax returns private and, despite his claims to the contrary, it appears some people do care after all. On Saturday, thousands across the country participated in marches to urge the president to disclose his tax records. There were close to one hundred fifty demonstrations nationwide.

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Did Americans Elect A Family To The Presidency?

Jared Kushner is a man who, thus far, has avoided the limelight but – at some point – he will have to take responsibility for failures, or successes, in the policy areas now under his influence. The rise or fall of his fortunes as a close confidante of the president will tell us all we need to know about how Donald Trump will square America’s interests with his loyalty to family.

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Susan Rice: You Gotta Lotta ‘Splainin’ to Do

From 1951 to 1957 television sets across America were tuned into the I love Lucy show. Through tears of laughter, Americans would be treated to Ricky Ricardo asking the same question to his wild and wacky wife Lucy to “splain.” Phrases like “Okay, ‘splain” and “Alright. Start ‘splaining” were common for Ricky to call out Lucy following one of her madcap escapades. For those of us old enough to remember that program it seems a perfect question to ask Susan Rice following her latest fiasco. Ok, Susan, “you got some splainin’ to do.”

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