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Leftist Students Claim Truth Is A Tool Of White Supremacy

What is ‘Truth’? According to radical leftist students at Pomona College in California, it is nothing more than a concept used by white imperialists to maintain their power. In a recent letter to College President David Oxtoby, the students utterly reject both truth and free speech. What they are really saying, however, is that only their truth matters and only their free speech should be permitted.

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Pulitzer Prize Loses All Credibility

It’s no secret in the world of journalism that prizes are coveted and the corresponding accolades revered. As such the Pulitzer prize is the grand-daddy of them all — the big kahuna of journalism prizes. But it seems that long-established Academy Award of the scribes has gone to hell as well. Woe to the scribes and Pharisees whose whitewashed tombs of journalistic ethics which are summarily gone with the wind.

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