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Trump Administration Takes Pro-Science Position On Genetic Testing

Would you like to know if you have increased genetic risk for Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s? How about if you and your spouse each carry a gene variant (GJB2) that increases the likelihood your offspring will be deaf or have hearing loss? Well until last week you couldn’t – not because the technology didn’t exist, but because the Obama administration forbade it by threatening the companies who could do it.

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U.S. Senate Briefing Set on North Korea

In a rare and seemingly unprecedented move, the entire United States Senate has been called to the White House for a briefing on North Korea, Reuters reports. While briefing the legislature on foreign relations and matters of national security is not uncommon, this meeting is. Not only has the entire Senate been called, but the standard practice is for White House officials to go to the Senators, not the other way around.

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Trump To Sign Executive Order Benefiting Veterans

On Thursday, April 27th, U.S. veterans will at long last witness progress within the besieged Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), as President Trump is scheduled to ink the latest executive order establishing a necessitated Office of Accountability and whistleblower protection within the shambolic department.

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