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Liberty Nation Radio – 4/22/17 – War in Korea?

Are the drums of war beating on the Potomac? We examine the threat level posed by North Korea with the reknowned expert on Korea and China, Gordon Chang. Plus, part two of our interview with Charles Cooke, author of the book The Conservatarian Manifesto, on the differences that must be reconciled between conservatives and libertarians on foreign policy, immigration and the drug war.

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Liberty Nation Radio – March 5, 2017

The latest attempt to take down Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the leftist narrative that Russians cost Hillary Clinton the election. We’re joined by Stephen Cohen, longtime Professor of Russian Studies and by Liberty Nation’s Graham Noble discussing the Supreme Court and the importance of naming the enemy.

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Liberty Nation Radio – January 28, 2017

Tim Donner

Tim Donner is a radio talk show host, former candidate for the US Senate, and longtime entrepreneur, conservatarian policy advocate, and broadcast journalist.

  From building the wall to de-funding sanctuary cities to the threat of federal action to stop the murder epidemic in Chicago, we tally the scorecard on an extraordinary week of major initiatives by the newly minted 45th...

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