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College Students Believe Only “Non-Offensive” Speech Is Protected

It seems the left is succeeding in their efforts to turn our young people into hypersensitive snowflakes with no understanding of the constitution. A recent poll shows that an alarming majority of students have adopted an “alternate understanding” of the first amendment. Instead of interpreting the first amendment as protecting all free speech, they believe it only protects “non-offensive” speech.

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A Disturbing True Story About American Justice

The courtroom is dusty and hot, filled with onlookers, reporters, and your family members. Sitting at the defense table, you rub your sweaty hands together, feeling out of place and afraid. You did something you believed was right, and now you are on trial. If you lose this battle, you will go to prison; what’s more, your case is being watched by many. You see, if you are found guilty, the floodgates will open and more who believe as you do can also be arrested, and tried just the same. The stakes are incredibly high, but at this moment all you can think about is your wife and children sitting behind you praying harder than they ever have.

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U.S. Flag Jerseys Deemed Offensive to Rival School’s Diversity

Gabriella Fiorino

Gabi is a millennial libertarian at the University of Central Florida, where she is surrounded by “whiny, wannabe anti-capitalists, posting about their victimhood on Facebook.”

Throughout American history, wearing American flag attire has been seen as an act of patriotism...

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Toxic Words and Political Discourse

The level of animosity between online political foes has reached almost fever-pitch. Even news stories not directly related to political issues have become fertile ground for bashing President Trump or clobbering Democrats, depending on your point of view. This verbal punching has gradually become more and more toxic. It’s no longer a matter of disagreeing with – or even arguing with – people who hold different views; political differences these days often deteriorate into name-calling, spiteful remarks and, in some cases, even threats.

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