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The Bundy Verdict: Two Points of View

The Liberty Nation Editorial staff has been hard at work reporting and analyzing the first of several trials in the case of the United States v. Cliven Bundy et al. Today we offer you a point-counterpoint discussion offering two perspectives on the same event.

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Partial Verdict Announced In The First Bundy Ranch Trial

A jury delivered a verdict today against six men charged with conspiring against the United States, as well as assault on federal officers, for their part in the 2014 Bundy Ranch Standoff. The case has been hotly contested by those who say that the men were defending themselves against government agents who assaulted, tazed, and threatened them.

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Second Amendment Gains Ground in Iowa

The State of Iowa has taken bold steps to advance the cause of the Second Amendment, and according to The Des Moines Register, there is more to come. With any luck, the new federal government under the Trump administration and the Supreme Court will adopt the Iowa state motto: “‘Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.” Perhaps the Gun Control Act of 1968 and others will be revisited with a closer eye to the framers’ clear language and intent.

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Gorsuch Faces His First SCOTUS Case

The United States Supreme Court has a full complement of Justices once again. President Trump’s new appointee, Neil Gorsuch, will face his first high-profile test Wednesday when the court hears a religious freedom case that also has implications for the limit of states’ rights. The final ruling of the court may be overshadowed, however, by analysis of Gorsuch’s opinion.

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What It Was Like At The Bundy Ranch: An Eyewitness Account

All day long, more and more militias arrived and set up outposts. They came from Alaska, Montana, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, New Hampshire and Utah. Some had quit their jobs, not knowing when they might return home to their families. Sounds like our forefathers, right? They were young, old and in-betwixt, in great physical condition or old greybeards with pot-bellies and suspenders. Most were veterans, determined to protect the rights for which they had fought previously.

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How The Left Ruined The Senate

The Republican maneuver in response to Schumer – changing Senate rules to assure confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the high court – may well signal that the last vestiges of deliberative bipartisanship will soon disappear from the upper chamber.

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An American Good Friday Message

As Holy Week approaches its pinnacle, it is well worth pondering the question of what, if any, relationship the Christian Gospel has to the establishment of these United States. The answer cannot simply be found in the fact that most of the founding fathers were professing Christians. Many nations – and empires – were ruled by legacy Christians whose yoke, unlike that of Jesus, was not easy nor the burden light.

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