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Islamophobia: What’s The Real Answer For America?

The answer – and the only answer – is very simple: Completely sever Islamism from Islam. Though the link exists, it must be denied, in order to delegitimize Islamism in the eyes of both Muslim and non-Muslim. Defeating the Islamic State (ISIS) and al Qaeda on the battlefield is crucial, but is, literally, only half the battle.

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Times Square Protest Includes Shouts of “Allah Akbar!”

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Kit Perez

Kit is the Asst. Editorial Director of Liberty Nation. She writes on intelligence, digital security and tech.
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Sunday, February 19th was a particularly busy day in Times Square.  New York City’s iconic Plaza was the site of an anti-Trump rally called “I Am a Muslim Too.”  The rally was billed on Twitter as an event “to bring the...

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