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U.S. Senate Briefing Set on North Korea

In a rare and seemingly unprecedented move, the entire United States Senate has been called to the White House for a briefing on North Korea, Reuters reports. While briefing the legislature on foreign relations and matters of national security is not uncommon, this meeting is. Not only has the entire Senate been called, but the standard practice is for White House officials to go to the Senators, not the other way around.

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The Silent Majority in Europe

For several decades, cultural Marxism has been completely dominating the public discourse. Until very recently, it would have been impossible for anyone to express views against multiculturalism without being branded a racist or right wing extremist.

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An Opposing View Of The Syria Strike

Regardless of campaign promises, regardless of anything else, a president is only as good as his actions for or against liberty as enshrined in the Constitution, and holding him to that standard continuously and fairly is not treason — it’s our job as informed American citizens.

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What Will Russia Do Now?

The infamous red line drawn in the sand between U.S. and Russia has been crossed. In his brief address to the nation last night, President Trump elucidated upon his targeted airstrike as a response to the chemical weapons assault on Syrian citizens by President Bashar al-Assad.

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