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Trump Tries Again With Healthcare

While we may not have a real budget hawk in the White House, we at least have someone committed to preventing the deficit from growing. As he heads back into the legislative arena for round two on health care, the stakes are even higher than the previous fight. A second knockout would devastate Trump. Perhaps bargaining the health care plan against the promise of tax cuts is the winning combo for a victory against his old nemesis Senator Cruz.

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How To Fix American Healthcare: A Proposal

Onar Åm

Onar Åm is a renowned speaker and author in Norway and writes extensively on libertarian issues.

Imagine that there was a way to achieve universal healthcare, keep and invigorate the private sector and at the same time cut cost by 60%* or more. Would you want it? Such a system already exists and has been around for several...

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Did Trump Promise Too Much Too Quickly?

Trump set the bar too high and the Republican Party is now in disarray over healthcare. Other policy issues may now be further delayed as the party scrambles to come up with a viable solution before the 2018 mid-term elections. The Democratic Party has no clear message but republican failure on the healthcare issue may hand them one on a silver platter.

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