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Cunning News Network Levels Insinuation About Trump and Murdoch

CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter spoke with journalist David Zurawik and NPR’s David Folkenflik about President Trump’s connection to media mogul and Fox News founder, Rupert Murdoch. Fox is currently under investigation by the Justice Department over allegations that the network failed to disclose to shareholders the details of payments made to women who accused former CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

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Pulitzer Prize Loses All Credibility

It’s no secret in the world of journalism that prizes are coveted and the corresponding accolades revered. As such the Pulitzer prize is the grand-daddy of them all — the big kahuna of journalism prizes. But it seems that long-established Academy Award of the scribes has gone to hell as well. Woe to the scribes and Pharisees whose whitewashed tombs of journalistic ethics which are summarily gone with the wind.

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Susan Rice: You Gotta Lotta ‘Splainin’ to Do

From 1951 to 1957 television sets across America were tuned into the I love Lucy show. Through tears of laughter, Americans would be treated to Ricky Ricardo asking the same question to his wild and wacky wife Lucy to “splain.” Phrases like “Okay, ‘splain” and “Alright. Start ‘splaining” were common for Ricky to call out Lucy following one of her madcap escapades. For those of us old enough to remember that program it seems a perfect question to ask Susan Rice following her latest fiasco. Ok, Susan, “you got some splainin’ to do.”

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New Gallup Poll Shows Media Bias Flagrant

Somehow the media today sees themselves as above it all. There is an unctuousness and pomposity to their every report as if they are smarter than the average American. Until they realize it wasn’t the Russians – but all those little people in fly-over country – that elected Donald Trump as our 45th President they are doomed to repeat their flagrant violation of their creed as non-partisan arbiters of the news.

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