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The Sharing Economy: Under Fire From Republicans

Despite the lightning-fast growth of the sharing economy, the regulators are catching up. Across the US, and frankly the world, the most public-service-oriented and naturally developing sector of modern economic growth in recent history is being demagogued and regulated into oblivion by the most self-serving and least efficient actor in every economy: the government.

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100 Days: Trump’s Greatest Victory So Far – The Economy

The finance industry has a term called the 100-Day Moving Average which traders use to evaluate both individual stocks and the market as a whole. What is President’s Trumps 100-Day Moving Average when it comes to the economy? You can base this off emotion and headlines, or, like any trader worth their portfolio, you can base it off of data. When we look at the actual numbers, it is clear that President Trump has enjoyed a tremendously successful first hundred days in office.

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How Higher Minimum Wage Affects Lower Quality Restaurants

The minimum wage – or as legendary free-market economist Murray Rothbard called it “compulsory unemployment” – will result in more restaurants shutting their doors, says a new study by Harvard University economists entitled “Survival of the Fittest: The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Firm Exit.” With labor costs surging, driven by higher minimum wages, a greater number of restaurants will face ruination.

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Safeguarding Your Money with Alternative Investments – Part 3

Car insurance, health insurance, and life insurance all protect ourselves and our families from various types of misfortune. The FDIC insurance mentioned yesterday protects your first hundred thousand in the bank. Social Security is billed as social insurance to protect you in retirement. But how can you protect yourself if the government guaranteeing all of these things were to collapse? Alternative investments are how. I

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