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Consumer Packaging and Energy Conservation

An Executive Order could be directed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and would regulate food packaging, requiring that all containers be no larger than the minimum essential size to keep the product safe and intact. No plastic fillers, spacers, or empty gaps would be allowed in any package. No odd sized boxes or inflated Mylar bags designed for maximum visual display on store shelves. Additionally, the cost of the packaging should not exceed the necessary cost of the product it contains. In other words, 1ȼ worth of product should not come in a 15ȼ aluminum can or pressurized bulletproof wrapper — which takes two people with a box cutter to open – and then goes in the trash.

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A White House Easter Egg Roll Panchatantra

The American Egg Board is at the ready with – wait for it – thirty thousand eggs donated for the event, fifteen thousand of which will be dyed and transported across the South Lawn of the White House by little kids with spoons in their mouths. (Please don’t ask me how that got started – I haven’t a clue but if you Google it and find out, let me know in our comments section.) And the other fifteen thousand will be boiled and put on a stick. It’ll be an egg pop of sorts.

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