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Liberty Nation Radio – 4/22/17 – War in Korea?

Are the drums of war beating on the Potomac? We examine the threat level posed by North Korea with the reknowned expert on Korea and China, Gordon Chang. Plus, part two of our interview with Charles Cooke, author of the book The Conservatarian Manifesto, on the differences that must be reconciled between conservatives and libertarians on foreign policy, immigration and the drug war.

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The Cry from the Left: Trump Delenda Est

How to explain this seeming departure from the normal American pattern of accepting the electoral facts, and then continuing the fight in the various constitutional and other forums the system provides? Why is it so different this time? Why are presidential tax returns more important than an eyeball to eyeball confrontation in Northeast Asia? Why must we place the travel and residential preferences of non-US citizens over the security of Americans? Why must non-leftists be barred from the Supreme Court?

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Susan Rice: You Gotta Lotta ‘Splainin’ to Do

From 1951 to 1957 television sets across America were tuned into the I love Lucy show. Through tears of laughter, Americans would be treated to Ricky Ricardo asking the same question to his wild and wacky wife Lucy to “splain.” Phrases like “Okay, ‘splain” and “Alright. Start ‘splaining” were common for Ricky to call out Lucy following one of her madcap escapades. For those of us old enough to remember that program it seems a perfect question to ask Susan Rice following her latest fiasco. Ok, Susan, “you got some splainin’ to do.”

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A Disturbing True Story About American Justice

The courtroom is dusty and hot, filled with onlookers, reporters, and your family members. Sitting at the defense table, you rub your sweaty hands together, feeling out of place and afraid. You did something you believed was right, and now you are on trial. If you lose this battle, you will go to prison; what’s more, your case is being watched by many. You see, if you are found guilty, the floodgates will open and more who believe as you do can also be arrested, and tried just the same. The stakes are incredibly high, but at this moment all you can think about is your wife and children sitting behind you praying harder than they ever have.

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Donald Trump and Middle East Peace?

In the past few days, President Donald Trump has met with both the Egyptian and Jordanian leaders to discuss the situation in the Middle East. For obvious reasons, the focus has been on the war in Syria, but what of prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians? Will Trump bring the two sides closer together than any of his predecessors managed to do?

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