Author: Sarah Cowgill

Chelsea Clinton and the Family Business

Former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is keeping her name in play, and the elite establishment media is lapping it up like a parched hound. Since her mother flamed out in her bid for world domination and immediately went into hibernation, Chelsea has taken her rightful place in the public eye. Someone had to—the media had to be comforted with a Clinton that is of yet, unsullied. And Chelsea is the only one left.

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The Intersection of Economic Theories and Trump Politics

Economists speak a language very few of us can comprehend at first glance. They study math equations, statistical analysis, trends, and apply their specific theories, concepts, and conclusions on a variety of subjects—from broad-based social studies to downright infuriating minutiae of a specific discipline. The very intelligent and highly educated economists—those who hold a Ph.D. in economics and have publishing street creds—are always in demand to poke holes in other economists stated conclusions about whatever is the hot topic du jour.

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Napolitano: Obama Courier Asked Brits For Info On Trump

Just when you think you have heard it all, Fox & Friends trots out Judge Andrew Napolitano with a scathing report that would make political thriller novelist, Tom Clancy, rise out of his grave and start typing furiously on a keyboard to create yet another best-selling work of fiction. Yet this latest bombshell sounds very plausible and could indeed prove true. Napolitano is the Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News Channel and is known for his candid way of explaining the most intricate, complex and multi-layered state-of-affairs in ways the rest of the world can easily grasp.  He delivered...

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