Author: Sarah Cowgill

School District Cancels Class Field Trip To Protect Illegal Students

The beautiful city of Kent, Washington is situated in the heart of the Seattle-Tacoma Metroplex, surrounded by an economic engine supported by Boeing, R.E.I. and Oberto (exceptional sausage jerky), and fueled by an upper middle class of citizens who recycle everything fathomable, drive hybrids, and dream of saving humanity. What appears shiny and tempting on the outside is harboring a rotting core of leftist hypocrisy that has shattered the dreams and hard work ethic of a small group of high school students.

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Dear White People: A Satire, But Not In The Way You Think

Premiering on Netflix this past weekend, each twenty-two-minute segment is rife with angst, gender identity crises, drug use, drinking and a cast of characters that engaged this viewer in the first minutes of episode one. One of the lessons learned is that writer, director, and creator of DWP, Justin Simien, has a universal message that America should hear. Everyone is to a degree, racist. Not just, as many have been indoctrinated to believe, the deplorable Trump voters.

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