Author: Sarah Cowgill

Trump To Sign Executive Order Benefiting Veterans

On Thursday, April 27th, U.S. veterans will at long last witness progress within the besieged Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), as President Trump is scheduled to ink the latest executive order establishing a necessitated Office of Accountability and whistleblower protection within the shambolic department.

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Why Is America So Fascinated With Jared Kushner?

With his boyish good looks, fat wallet, and the hottest chick in America on his arm, Jared Kushner is emerging as the boy-wonder in the Trump administration. From his cushy west wing office (a very short walk from the Oval Office), the all-access pass to meetings with foreign leaders and the ability to jettison off to the middle east for a boots on the ground scoop from the troops, young Mr. Kushner is garnering attention from the left, right and all points in between. And it appears that his presence, so prominent in Trumpville, is irritating absolutely everyone who have had the unfortunate fate of crossing his path.

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