Author: Onar Åm

Can Jordan Peterson Save The World?

Now and then, Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) mess with the wrong people. One of them is Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. If you haven’t heard of him, pay attention, because he will contribute to changing the culture. Last year he was a respected but largely unknown professor at the University of Toronto. Then Canada passed an insane law which mandated that people by law can demand to be referred to by their preferred pronoun. Two of these pronouns were the made up words, zhe, and zher. To illustrate how crazy that is, imagine that someone identifies as the Queen...

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LN TV: Chinese Breakthrough May Lead to Global Energy Revolution

A global energy revolution is underway and you may want to know about it – for good reason. The largest known hydrocarbon energy source in the world is called hydrates, a form of frozen methane on the floor of the deep oceans and in the permafrost of the Arctic sometimes referred to as “flammable ice.” It is so remote and unavailable that any hope of utilizing this abundant energy source has been dim. Now, however, Chinese authorities claim their scientists have made a technological breakthrough that may allow for economic extraction of hydrates. If this claim has merit, we...

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