Author: Kit Perez

A Disturbing True Story About American Justice

The courtroom is dusty and hot, filled with onlookers, reporters, and your family members. Sitting at the defense table, you rub your sweaty hands together, feeling out of place and afraid. You did something you believed was right, and now you are on trial. If you lose this battle, you will go to prison; what’s more, your case is being watched by many. You see, if you are found guilty, the floodgates will open and more who believe as you do can also be arrested, and tried just the same. The stakes are incredibly high, but at this moment all you can think about is your wife and children sitting behind you praying harder than they ever have.

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Concocted News Network: Shilling For Susan Rice

As all of America now knows, the high-ranking official who unmasked the Trump team in intelligence reports was none other than Susan Rice. Since this puts the Obama administration in a very bad position — and completely destroys the minuscule shred of credibility Rice still had among those who still believe Benghazi was a spontaneous attack — the establishment media is in high gear.

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Joyce Carol Oates Says Poor People Are Lucky Cannibalism Is Still Taboo

Noted writer Joyce Carol Oates took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that if it weren’t for that pesky social taboo, poor people would be eating their kids. Poor persons & their young children very lucky that taboo against cannibalism still holds. Possibly, the last & most elemental taboo. — Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates) April 1, 2017 The smarter folks on Twitter were all too happy to explain why that statement is ludicrous. Twitchy has the whole...

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