Author: James Fite

100 Days: How Have Individual Liberties Fared Under Trump?

Donald Trump has been a busy man during the first one hundred days of his presidency, but in regards to individual liberty, his accomplishments so far are a bit of a mixed bag. According to the White House, President Trump has signed twenty-eight bills, thirty executive orders, and thirteen Congressional Review Acts (CRAs). For the first one hundred days in office, that’s more legislation signed than any president since Truman, the most executive orders since FDR, and more CRAs than any other president in American history.

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Second Amendment Gains Ground in Iowa

The State of Iowa has taken bold steps to advance the cause of the Second Amendment, and according to The Des Moines Register, there is more to come. With any luck, the new federal government under the Trump administration and the Supreme Court will adopt the Iowa state motto: “‘Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.” Perhaps the Gun Control Act of 1968 and others will be revisited with a closer eye to the framers’ clear language and intent.

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