Author: Jeff Charles

Marches Across The Nation Demand Trump Release His Tax Returns

President Donald Trump was the first major party nominee in over forty years to keep his personal tax returns private and, despite his claims to the contrary, it appears some people do care after all. On Saturday, thousands across the country participated in marches to urge the president to disclose his tax records. There were close to one hundred fifty demonstrations nationwide.

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John Pavlovitz, Intellectual Dishonesty, And The Syrian Missile Strike

In an inane effort to portray conservatives as vile, unfeeling bigots who hate everyone who does not look like them, former pastor and blogger John Pavlovitz has penned a piece entitled “Crocodile Trumper Tears and Dead Syrian Children.” As any good leftist would, he trotted out the asinine argument that conservatives who support the travel ban have no right to care about Syrian victims of chemical weapons attacks at the hands of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

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