Author: Graham J Noble

The Freedom Caucus, Health Care and the US Senate

In what could certainly be considered a symbolic victory for President Donald Trump, the second incarnation of the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) squeaked through a vote in the House of Representatives Thursday afternoon. Without a single Democrat vote, the bill was passed 217-213, with twenty Republicans voting against it. Although it may well not get through the Senate in its current form, a rift within the majority party has been bridged and that – in itself – is a victory for congressional Republicans who have seen so very few victories, of late.

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100 Days: A Bigly Satire That’s Yuge

What did we learn in President Trump’s first 100 days? We learned a lot. We probably learned more than any other people who have ever learned. And we are going to keep learning. We might even learn so much that we will get tired of learning. We learned that there are now so many gender-identities to choose from that nobody knows what freakin’ bathroom to use, I can tell you.

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