Author: Graham J Noble

Judicial Overreach and the Trump Travel Ban

Until the judicial swamp is drained of federal judges who ignore the U.S. Constitution, in favor of ideology, the progressive agenda will be advanced through the courts and the Trump administration will continue to face dubious legal challenges to its agenda at every turn.

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The Clinton Russian Connection

Democrats may come to rue the day they began promoting the false narrative of collusion between Russia and the Trump election campaign team. As more dirt is removed from this particular swamp, fragments of another possible collusion are beginning to seep out slowly. In this one, the Clinton team may have worked with a group of computer researchers to fabricate the Trump-Russia connection and actually plant the trail of breadcrumbs that led to the Trump Tower door.

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Do American Lives Count? A Short Essay

Kate Steinle would be alive today if the politicians and senior police officers in San Francisco had not decided that her life was less worth protecting than the life of Lopez-Sanchez. If the left truly believes that more strict enforcement of laws – or the addition of new laws – is justified in the name of saving “even one life”, then why oppose stricter immigration enforcement? Could it be that the lives of Americans – according to the left’s value of life sliding scale – are simply less valuable than the lives of illegal alien criminals?

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