Author: Graham J Noble

Immigrants Turn on Their Own

As widely reported in the media, Thursday of this week was billed as ‘A Day Without Immigrants.’ The supposed aim of this national boycott and day of protest was to demonstrate the contribution of illegal immigrants to the economy of the nation, but nowhere would the economic effects of this – and future – disruption have been felt more sharply than in the very communities that offer shelter and sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. Immigrants, both legal and illegal – along with sympathizers – skipped work and boycotted businesses to take to the streets in organized protest of President Trump’s moves to secure America’s southern border and crack down on illegal immigration. According to a report by NPR, those taking part were “not shopping; not eating at restaurants; buying gas, ort (sic) sending their children to school.” SFGate reported that these boycotts and marches were to take place in a number of major cities, including Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Boston, and Houston, as well as the nation’s capital. Los Angeles also saw similar protests. What all of these cities have in common, however, is their acceptance of illegal immigrants. So, despite the inevitable coverage in the mainstream media, most Americans have gone on with their lives, untouched and unharmed by said boycotts. Conversely – and with more than a dash of the ironic – those communities that are accepting of...

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