Author: Graham J Noble

100 Days: A Bigly Satire That’s Yuge

What did we learn in President Trump’s first 100 days? We learned a lot. We probably learned more than any other people who have ever learned. And we are going to keep learning. We might even learn so much that we will get tired of learning. We learned that there are now so many gender-identities to choose from that nobody knows what freakin’ bathroom to use, I can tell you.

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DNC Chairman Takes a Hard Left Turn on Abortion

New Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez has had a bit of a tough weekend in the world of social media. His statement, Friday, about the party’s stance on abortion – and his implied intention to withhold support from pro-life candidates – has effectively alienated many democrat voters and even several elected Democratic politicians. His statement also represents the party’s continued shift to the extreme left.

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