Author: Dan Ingram

100 Days: Trump’s Greatest Victory So Far – The Economy

The finance industry has a term called the 100-Day Moving Average which traders use to evaluate both individual stocks and the market as a whole. What is President’s Trumps 100-Day Moving Average when it comes to the economy? You can base this off emotion and headlines, or, like any trader worth their portfolio, you can base it off of data. When we look at the actual numbers, it is clear that President Trump has enjoyed a tremendously successful first hundred days in office.

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The Tax Man Changeth — Trump’s New Tax Plan For America

President Trump has finally revealed the framework of his tax reform plan, courtesy of a press conference delivered Wednesday afternoon by Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn and Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin. They presented the tax proposal as the most significant piece of legislation since 1986.

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Safeguarding Your Money with Alternative Investments – Part 3

Car insurance, health insurance, and life insurance all protect ourselves and our families from various types of misfortune. The FDIC insurance mentioned yesterday protects your first hundred thousand in the bank. Social Security is billed as social insurance to protect you in retirement. But how can you protect yourself if the government guaranteeing all of these things were to collapse? Alternative investments are how. I

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Safeguarding Your Money with Alternative Investments – Part 2

The little FDIC sticker on your bank’s door means that you are protected if the bank collapses and loses your money. Should that happen, the federal government has promised to step in and reimburse what you lost. The catch is that this is limited to one hundred thousand dollars. Want to know another fact about the FDIC? They do not insure your investments – at all. So, if the guy running your 401(k) pulls a Bernie Madoff (or a Bernie Sanders) and takes all your money, you are out of luck.

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Safeguarding Your Money with Alternative Investments – Part 1

Chances are, most of you reading this have a retirement account filled with some mix of stocks and bonds. Nearly all of you have a credit card or a debit card in your wallet. Many readers own their homes, have a savings account, or put some money away in a college fund for their children. These are all mainstream investments, and make no mistake, they are required to live a typical American lifestyle. Is there any need for alternative investments above and beyond these financial mainstays?

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